SendCrypto on Twitter


There is nothing to install. If you have a Twitter account you are good to go.

Sending Payments

To send someone a payment post a Tweet mentioning them and the amount you want to send.

For example:

@SendCrypto @someone $10 - send $10 worth of Dai stable coin
@SendCrypto @someone $20 ETH - send $20 worth of ETH using current CoinMarketCap prices
@SendCrypto @someone 0.5 ETH - send 0.5 ETH
@SendCrypto @someone 20 REQ - send 20 REQ

If you are replying to a Tweet you do not need to mention the recipient. @SendCrypto $5 will send $5 to the author of the Tweet you are replying to.

Receiving Payments

In order to receive payments you will need to tell the bot your Ethereum address. You can do this by sending the bot a direct message with the text address 0x123, replacing 0x123 with your Ethereum address.

Questions? Comments?

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Other Information

The sender and recipient addresses are not displayed in the bot's public comments. However, the Ethereum blockchain is a public resource so be aware that people will likely be able to match your Ethereum address to your Reddit username.

If this is a concern, consider using throwaway Ethereum addresses.