SendCrypto on Slack


Click the Add to Slack button to add SendCrypto to your Slack workspace.

Add to Slack

The bot can only see commands that are directed to it - it can not read any other messages in your channels or direct chats.

The bot will only send a direct message to ask for your Ethereum address, or to let you know when a transfer has been completed. It will never post in any public channels.


After installation the following slash commands will be available:

/sendcrypto is used to update your settings:

/sendcrypto address 0x123 - set your Ethereum address to 0x123
/sendcrypto delete - delete your Ethereum address
/sendcrypto donate a_good_cause - Donate any transfers to one of the supported good causes
/sendcrypto help

/pay is used to start the transfer process. There are a few ways to specify the amount you would like to send:

/pay @someone $10 - send $10 worth of Dai stable coin
/pay @someone $20 ETH - send $20 worth of ETH using current CoinMarketCap prices
/pay @someone 0.5 ETH - send 0.5 ETH
/pay @someone 20 REQ - send 20 REQ


Questions? Comments?

Use /sendcrypto feedback your-message to send a message to the bot's author.