SendCrypto on Reddit


There is nothing to install. You can begin using the bot immediately as long as you have a Reddit account.


There are two ways to use SendCrypto on Reddit: publicly or privately.

The process is similar for both methods:

  • The sender triggers the bot by posting a comment or sending the bot a direct message.
  • The bot asks the recipient for their Ethereum address.
  • The bot sends a payment URL to the sender to complete the transaction.
  • The bot notifies the recipient once the transaction has been confirmed.

Public Transfers

To create a public transfer reply to a comment or post with one of the bot commands described below.

The bot will post a public reply to your comment containing the amount and status of the transfer.

Public Transfer Commands

/u/sendcrypto $10 - send $10 worth of Dai stable coin
/u/sendcrypto $20 ETH - send $20 worth of ETH using current CoinMarketCap prices
/u/sendcrypto 0.5 ETH - send 0.5 ETH
/u/sendcrypto 20 REQ - send 20 REQ


Private Transfers

To send a private transfer you need to send a direct message to the SendCrypto user containing one of the bot commands.

The bot will not post anything about this transfer publicly. The bot will send the sender and recipient a direct message once the transfer is complete.

The message subject is ignored.

Private Transfer Commands

send /u/some-user $10 - send $10 worth of Dai stable coin
send /u/some-user $20 ETH - send $20 worth of ETH using current CoinMarketCap prices
send /u/some-user 0.5 ETH - send 0.5 ETH
send /u/some-user 20 REQ - send 20 REQ
address 0x123 - set your Ethereum address to 0x123
delete - delete your stored address


Questions? Comments?

Send a message to the bot author.

Other Information

The sender and recipient addresses are not displayed in the bot's public comments. However, the Ethereum blockchain is a public resource so be aware that people will likely be able to match your Ethereum address to your Reddit username.

If this is a concern, consider using private transfers or throwaway Ethereum addresses.

Some subreddits prevent bots from commenting, or hide their comments. In this case the transfer will still be sent but the bot's comment may not be visible to all Redditors.